When people learn I am a lawyer they most commonly ask, “What type of lawyer are you?”. My response is always, “An Excellent One!!” The other question I love is, “What type of law do you practice?”, and my favorite response is: “What type of lawyer do you need?”

Kidding aside, we want long term relationships with our clients so they call us for all of their legal needs. This does not mean that we can be all things to all people and we are very honest about what type of legal matters we can comfortably handle, but why not also take advantage of our referral network of other like-minded attorneys by contacting us first. In general, we can provide guidance and legal assistance on any number of matters including: business entities such as corporations & limited liability companies; mergers & acquisitions; real estate & title insurance; and banking & finance; regulatory compliance; and investments as well as so much more.